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About Us

The South Trail Chiropractic teamOpened by Dr. Jeff in the summer of 2000, South Trail Chiropractic was one of the first chiropractic practices in the area. Instead of simply treating symptoms, Dr. Jeff believes in a wellness-based approach: “Health from the Inside Out.”

The Mission of South Trail Chiropractic

Dr. Jeff’s mission is to “empower people to achieve their fullest wellness potential through education, regular chiropractic care, and a healthy lifestyle.”

In explaining the connection between chiropractic care and wellness, Dr. Jeff says, “The nervous system controls every cell, tissue, and organ in the body. The job of the spine is to protect the nervous system. If the spine is healthy, the nervous system will also be healthy – allowing the body to function and heal extremely well.”


The South Trail Difference

South Trail Chiropractic is distinguished by Dr. Jeff’s commitment to education and his focus on long-term health and wellness (rather than the treatment of symptoms). Dr. Jeff considers practice members to be part of his extended family, and his greatest fulfillment comes from seeing them get well as a result of the care he provides.

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