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Meet the South Trail Chiropractic Team

Tawnia Jackson

Tawnia JacksonOffice Manager

Tawnia is a born and raised Calgarian. When she was 10, she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. She had one of the worst pediatric cases in southern Alberta, and at the time her parents tried everything from medications to acupuncture and anything that they were told that might help. When she was 18 she was admitted for emergency surgery and while healing was put on a trial drug that they were told might not work.

After years of ups and downs, Tawnia had an opportunity to work for a chiropractor. Only knowing what she was told from family and friends about chiropractic, she truly did not know what it was about.

Tawnia says “Now over 13 years later in the industry that truly saved my life, I know what chiropractic does and have made it my passion to help people like myself get healthy.”

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