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Reviews for South Trail Chiropractic

A Significant Decrease in Pain

I started chiropractic care for the first time at South Trail Chiropractic almost two years ago and I have never felt healthier. Dr.Jeff and his staff are supportive and emphasize not only the importance of regular chiropractic adjustments but also the essentials required to be your healthiest self.

I have a physically demanding career that I have felt chiropractic adjustments have helped with immensely. Since beginning at South Trail I have noticed a significant decrease in pain that has allowed me to work out harder and keep up with my job. Because of this, regular chiropractic adjustments will be a permanent part of my life.

~ Alyssa D.

Miraculous Progress

I would totally and wholeheartedly like to recommend Dr Jeff Koep’s Chiropractic Clinic. I have been receiving treatments for several years and it frightens me to think about what the state of my overall health would be had I not decided to take action.

Not that long ago I was unable to walk more than 5 minutes without having to sit and stretch my back due to a severe lower back injury and many years of physical work. Taking up to 15 minutes just to get out of bed. I now walk, run, ride a bike for as long as I like thanks to Dr Jeff. I can’t thank him enough for the miraculous progress I’ve made.

His educational approach has taught me, my family and friends about the “five Essentials “. Our brain, central nervous system, nutrition, reducing toxins and exercise. By applying these principles we allow our bodies to maximize our God given self healing potential and reduce or eliminate dangerous medications.

We have learned that just because we “feel good”, this may have nothing to do with what might be happening in our bodies. Waiting for symptoms to become apparent before seeking help was my mistake and I hope you don’t make the same error.

Sadly big pharma has resisted this concept for obvious reasons. $.

My son, daughter, granddaughter and friends thank Dr Jeff Koep and his amazing assistants, Tonyia and Kelsey for helping us in the direction of attaining true health!

~ Darrell S.

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